Video Premiere of „monsters“ by KALTBLUT Magazine (English)


The video premiere of the second a glow single monsters is out NOW: the very fashionable KALTBLUT Magazine presented the stunning video that was created byCologne-based visual artist Uli Sigg in close collaboration with Jette and Mijk.
Jette sings about the fears and thoughts that haunt us in our dreams and which we can not banish from our heads. Uli Sigg the song into dystopian images of a dissolving world as presented daily by the media. Reality crumbles literally before our very eyes.

Jette’s lyrics of the song exist for quite a while now. They are basically about the hidden fears that we know since childhood: the monsters under the bed, the hidden claw, the vampires at our door. Very often our fears are now triggered by the pictures we see on TV and the WWW. These are the modern „monsters“ in our heads and like a child we need to learn again how to separate fears from facts. The video expresses these adult nightmares.

Read the KALTBLUT Magazine presentation >>HERE<<!

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