jette von roth – komische welt (roter punkt 003)

jette von roth - komische welt - cover

komische welt („weird world“) is Jette von Roth’s second solo album.
Foremost known as a beloved singer with a unique voice for Schiller she started to explore and produce instrumental music in 2010 with her first album meer (rot001).

komische welt has a dark and melancholic edge to it. Jette feels an indispostion with the world of today and lets her sentiment drip into music like oil on canvas, painting a picture with electronic sound and rhythm, far away from club music.
meer was driven by curiosity and wonder about the mere possibilities of electronic music expression,. Now Jette broke free and knows exactly what to do. With elegance and confidence she weaves tiny little melodies into a landscape of broken beats, distorted bass and cloudy chords.

komische welt sounds mature and aware, feminine and obscure, yet powerful and tender, soothing and daring. like a „sleepy storm“ awakening. Again Jette is not singing, but she reveals more of her inner soul than ever before.
Like on meer she teams up with Harald Blüchel aka Cosmic Baby, this time for the title track. The final mastering was again put in the trusted hands of Bodo Schulte (The Mixfarm, Schiller). The cover picture has been shot by Rossi Rossberg.
All track titles are arranged, so that they can be read like a poem:

1.   komische welt (feat. Harald Blüchel)
2.   ohne licht
3.   erhellt

4.   versunken
5.   schönheit tropft – gelegentlich
6.   verschwunden

7.   das gefühl des werdens
8.   die see im sinn
9.   allerliebste schwester
10. von anbeginn

komische welt can be purchased in mp3 and WAV quality at, Beatport and other major download stores.

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